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  Ubuntu users install the video driver Nvidia Driver 334.21
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  NVIDIA has released the Nvidia Driver 334.21 for Linux users with support for the GeForce GTX 750, GeForce GTX 750, GeForce GTX 745 and GeForce GTX TITAN. In addition, NVIDIA 334.21 brings a lot of bug fixes

Note: Install graphics drivers at risk, use caution!

Install Nvidia 334.21:

1, open the terminal, first delete the old driver:

Sudo apt-get purge nvidia *
Sudo apt-get install nvidia-319-updates-dev

2, now switch to the recommended open source driver software and update -> additional drivers, and then restart your computer.

3, download the official driver:

Nvidia 334.21 for 32 bit Linux
Nvidia 334.21 for 64 bit Linux
Nvidia 334.21 for 32 bit ARM Linux
4, press Ctrl + Alt + F1 key combination to switch to the console.

5, with the following command to terminate the graphical session:

Sudo service lightdm stop
Sudo service gdm stop
Sudo service mdm stop

6, to download the program to add executable permissions, and then run the installation program:

Chmod + x ~ / Downloads / NVIDIA-Linux - * - 334.21.run
Sudo sh ~ / Downloads / NVIDIA-Linux - * - 334.21.run

If the driver does not work properly after installation, use the following command to uninstall:

Sudo sh ~ / Downloads / NVIDIA-Linux - * - 334.21.run --uninstall

Well, I hope you install successfully, enjoy the new results!
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