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  Ubuntu users Steam controller does not work solutions
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Steam controller has begun delivery to the hands of gamers around the world, but a friend of mine met Steam controller does not work in Ubuntu, this paper we introduce a solution. The solution is not the best solution for Ubuntu Crown, but still can temporarily solve the problem Ubuntu users Steam controller does not work.

Use the following command to create a new udev file:
sudo vi /lib/udev/rules.d/99-steam-controller-perms.rules

Fill in the following file:

#USB Devices
SUBSYSTEM == "usb", ATTRS {idVendor} == "28de", MODE = "0666"
# Oculus HID Sensor naming and permissioning
KERNEL == "hidraw *", SUBSYSTEM == "hidraw", ATTRS {idVendor} == "2833", MODE = "0666"

Use the following command to change / dev / uinput authority
1.sudo chmod 666 / dev / uinput

Use the following command to install python3-autopilot package:
1.sudo apt-get install python3-autopilot

After finish the above steps, simply restart the computer. It is unclear when will the official Ubuntu fix the problem, Steam Controller User first interim solution under the bar.
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