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  Ubuntu way of decompressing files
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Record Ubuntu various compression and decompression method:

Unpack: tar xvf FileName.tar
Packing: tar cvf FileName.tar DirName
(Note: tar package is not compressed!)
Unzip 1: gunzip FileName.gz
Unzip 2: gzip -d FileName.gz
Compression: gzip FileName
Decompression: tar zxvf FileName.tar.gz
Compression: tar zcvf FileName.tar.gz DirName
Unzip 1: bzip2 -d FileName.bz2
Unzip 2: bunzip2 FileName.bz2
Compression: bzip2 -z FileName
Decompression: tar jxvf FileName.tar.bz2
Compression: tar jcvf FileName.tar.bz2 DirName
Unzip 1: bzip2 -d FileName.bz
Unzip 2: bunzip2 FileName.bz
Decompression: tar jxvf FileName.tar.bz
Decompression: uncompress FileName.Z
Compression: compress FileName
Decompression: tar Zxvf FileName.tar.Z
Compression: tar Zcvf FileName.tar.Z DirName
Decompression: tar zxvf FileName.tgz
Decompression: tar zxvf FileName.tar.tgz
Compression: tar zcvf FileName.tar.tgz FileName
Decompression: unzip FileName.zip
Compression: zip FileName.zip DirName
Decompression: rar a FileName.rar
Compression: rar e FileName.rar
Decompression: lha -e FileName.lha
Compression: lha -a FileName.lha FileName
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