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  Unity Greeter Badges: the lost session icon back to the login screen Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Emerging in Ubuntu 15.04 in a package solution to the welcome screen of my Unity criticism: Cinnamon like other Linux desktop session so no badge icon.

I know this is a bit picky; this is for most people, almost no impact visual defects only. But this inconsistency always haunted me, fed me, because Ubuntu some conversations with badge icons, including Unity, GNOME and KDE. The rest of the other desktop environments, including some of its own collateral products, such as Xubuntu, only in the conversation list and the main switch the user interface displays a white point can not be simple.

These are caused by this inconsistency little irritation on my nerves, even if it is fleeting, but this stimulus not only from the design, but also from usability. Signs style glyph to let us know that we are about to log in to the session which is helpful.

For example, can you tell us what this conversation is it?

Budgie? Maybe MATE? Also is Cinnamon ...... I must point to open it to know.

Not necessary to do ah. Build Unity Greeter, it is to allow developers to deploy desktop environment badge to the Welcome screen (some actually did). But in many cases, such as MATE, it's packages from Debian upstream want to transplant a "Ubuntu-specific patch" is not desirable, it is not possible.

A solution baked

An experienced Debian maintainers Doug Torrance had to repair the defective availability solutions. Instead of relying on the desktop manufacturer to add their own brand of style badge to their package, their Ubuntu to maintain its increased burden of responsibility, Torrance not as their own to create a separate 'unity-greeter-badges' package to accommodating them.

After assume direct responsibility for providing a session flag is assumed that the package can simultaneously ensure that cater old window manager, and desktop sessions.

In the desktop environment in the list of 30 or so, it comes bundled with a new session badge to the following table:

The most important is, 'Unity-Greeter-Badges' has been included into Ubuntu 15.04. This means Torrance packages will be installed directly, without PPA, do not need to download. Not like Unity Greeter as part of the core package, it can be more efficient and timely manner updated with new icons.

If you are really running Ubuntu 15.04, in the near future, you can obtain and install the package from the Software Center.

I do not want to wait until 15.04? Torrance has made a .deb installer of Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 14.10 users.
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