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  Upgrading from Fedora 20 to 21
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Fedora 18 later versions are based fedup do the upgrade tool, and is not elaborate, you can refer to Fedora 17 upgrade to the content 18.

Fedora 18 later versions are based fedup do the upgrade tool, and is not elaborate, you can refer to Fedora 17 upgrade to the content 18.

When prompted, the original Fedora 21, respectively, according to different characteristics of the different sub-versions. mainly include:

workstation workstation
server server
cloude clouds
nonproduct unproductive
At the time of installation and upgrades need to specify which version required by --prouduct parameters.

So workstation upgrade command should be:

fedora --network 21 --product = workstation

Note 1

Fedora upgrade 17-18

fedora 18 upgrade tool is no longer a pre-upgrade, but replaced fedup.

Install fedup, use fedup upgrade method:

sudo fedup --network 18

My system has a 1515 package to upgrade. Also long wait ah.

Attached: fedup use

--network upgrade from the network, the parameter value rawhid, 18

--iso CD image to upgrade from the parameter value is the position of the mirror

--device upgrading from a directory, the parameter value is a directory
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