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  Usage of sudo
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Because root privileges too, so can not be directly under Linux login as an administrator, or su - root to operate, then we need to use the sudo command to help us perform ordinary user does not have permission management commands.

sudo command features:

1, authorize the specified user on the specified host to run specific administrative commands;

2, a detailed record of the user log information based on the command sudo executed;

3 "ticket system": the timeliness of certification, the user will be asked to first run sudo password to verify user identity positive, after the success of the user will receive a fixed time to survive long "token"; 5 minutes

How to achieve sudo functions?

/ Etc / sudoers: authority, can only be edited by the administrator; but generally do not go directly to the editor vim, since there may be a syntax error, it is generally use a dedicated tool visudo command to edit authorization.

/ Etc / sudoers:

Note: The alias definitions: alias must use all uppercase characters

Built-in variables: ALL: All users


User_Alias NAME = item1, item2, ...



%group name


$ # GID

User_Alias (means that you can use an alias has been defined)

Example: User_Alias ADMIN = CentOS,% lx, # 500

Means that the definition ADMIN alias, users have centos, lx group, UID 500 users.

Host_Alias: which can be run on the host

Host_AliasNAME = item1, item2, ...






Example: Host_Alias ALLOWADDR =, / 16

It means that the definition ALLOWADDR aliases, there is ip, network address


Runas_AliasNAME = item1, item2, ...

The usage and User_Alias


Cmnd_AliasNAME = item1, item2, ...



Contents (all commands directory)


Example: Cmnd_Alias COMMAND = / usr / sbin / useradd, / usr / sbin / userdel, / usr / sbin

It means that the definition COMMAND aliases, has all the commands useradd, userdel, and / usr / sbin under

When you define a desirable anti-: Cmnd_AliasPASSWD = / usr / bin / passwd [0-9A-Za-z] * ,! / usr / bin / passwd root

sudo authorization:


Example: centos MYPC = (root) / usr / sbin / useradd


NOPASSWD: indicates the command after the label do not lose your password

PASSWD: indicates commands are used after the label lost password

sudo command:

-l: To view the user executable sudo command current;

-u USERNAME COMMAND: a user specified to perform the specified COMMAND;

-k: Clear "token"

-b COMMAND: COMMAND specified in the background

-e / path / to / somefile: Modify the specified file;

Example: sudo-u centos useradd user1
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