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  Use Git in Eclipse
  Add Date : 2016-04-21      
  Git contacts also regarded as relatively long (but has unsuspectingly, forgot to read command), also write a blog for some time, but had never thought of these two things will be linked together. My habit is to do first before you write your own blog a Demo, the issues are clear before you start to write, before writing the code that is uploaded to the blog students Baidu cloud disk required for download, then there are many students like to see their own project got on GitHub, I feel pretty good, so I also eager to try a bit today, I feel pretty good. Write it down and share.

EGit first install plug-in Eclipse

Eclipse plug-ins to install rarely encountered not blocked, this is a. The installation process is not long to wait.

After the installation is successful, we can use.

First, upload the code to local repository

We create a new Android project, right click and choose Share project in the Team

If the first time, there must first create a local warehouse, something to upload to a local warehouse, before they can be uploaded to a remote repository. So here click Create.

After the completion of the project will see us become so, each of the above are more of a question mark.

Andrews project, we carry out version management, but management does not use the bin folder, this folder we want to ignore, ignore the following manner:

Select the file or folder, right-click, select Ignore in the Team.

After the code is doing our local warehouse project in more than one file,

Recorded here do not need to be versioned files

After completion we can submit code to local repositories

Second, upload the code to the remote repository

Create a warehouse:
After login GitHub:

Enter the name of the warehouse and then click Create to.

After creating we can upload:

So that you can upload code.

Many steps, the process is actually very simple. I have some previous article describes the use of Git commands, are interested can look.
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