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  Use GLOBK batch command network adjustment
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1. Description

First, you must first complete the baseline solution.

sh_glred level directory in the project execution, but run in the solution directory (gsoln), the directory can also be specified by the process.defaults file glbpth parameters.

2. Set the parameters

2.1 globk_comb.cmd and glorg_comb.cmd

If these two files do not exist, sh_glred although they can generate, but it is recommended to manually create.

Run the command "sh_glred -cmd", will generate the configuration files in the folder gsoln template file for modification.

In which a priori need to coordinate the configuration file (.apr), the solver to be used in the station, when defining a frame of reference stations and use constraints, etc. (if used as a fixed point IGS site, you can use the built-in itrf file as a priori coordinates).

2.2 sites.dafaults

Station each step process used by sites.dafaults marked specify: Station in glred combination contains by glrepu tag used to define the frame of reference in glorg the station by the glreps mark, to generate a time series plots the station marked by the glts. Default all stations and drawing.

Note: If using a fixed point when glreps marked difference in sites.defaults file, in glorg_combNaNd the need to "stab_site clear" comment out (front plus "x").

3. Command execution

After the completion of the operation, you can make a batch network adjustment. In the implementation of the project directory:

sh_glred -s < yr1 doy1 yr2doy2 > -expt < expt > -net < networks > -local -nettext < char > -yrext < year > -ncomb < num > -stnfo < station.info > -cmd -opt < A F H L U G E K C R >

Where -s specifies the start time (yr1 doy1) and end time (yr2 doy2), expt project name is four characters, network represents H- file contains the SOPAC, SOPAC default option is all (all) or only certain combinations Solutions, if -local is specified, the script will only process data can be obtained within a day range; otherwise, it will automatically go SOPAC H- find files, all processing of data within the specified number of days. Days can also be used to process or use -d yr days -r days specified in detail. -ncomb Optional parameter used to specify each containing a combination of days, the default is one day, but can also be used to produce a script or average monthly local or global file weekly.

The following is a detailed interpretation opt option optional parameters (taken from GAMIT 10.35 Chinese document)

• < R > Before starting the old h * .gl? Glfpth files deleted from the directory.

• < F > h global download files from the SOPAC website, according to < networks > file name search parameter item supplied.

• < H > for all existing or link to glfpth (usually procdir / glbf) the ascii file to run htoglb.

• < LA > link all local archive files ascii H (ie, all h [net | expt] ?. yyddd) to the mix to go.

• < LB > link all local archive files ascii H (ie, all h [net | expt] ?. yyddd) to the mix to go. From htnd start searching downward, which htnd is the system default.

• < LC > link locally generated binary combinations of H files (named * .GLX).

• < U > h binary file to run hfupd (yet again).

• < G > for running glred combination or recombination.

• < E > and run ensum sh_baseline drawing.

• Compression < C > after ascii H file, remove all the links were copied ascii H H and binary file glbpth / ascii_yyyy and glbpth / bin_yyyy, which is designated by the process.defaults of glbpth.

• < A > completed all options

Example:% sh_glred -s $ year1 $ sdoy $ year2 $ edoy -expt $ expt -local -opt H G E

$ Year1 and $ sdoy network adjustment is to be the beginning of the day of the year, $ year2 and $ edoy years and to end day of the year.

4. solver results

When the command is complete, you can find the adjustment results file * .prt and * .org in gsoln / folder.

There is a fixed point with "*" mark.

PS: Although this method can quickly get results and stop speed network adjustment, but in the official guide GAMIT / GLOBK software in this adjustment method is not recommended. The recommended method is to use only this method combined GPS station network to obtain the coordinates, and then use the command to call globk_vel.cmd globk station and get glorg_vel.cmd speed (due to finishing late, some may not remember, ask the reader to consult GLOBK_Ref).
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