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  Use install_updates upgrade GAMIT / GLOBK
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  GAMIT / GLOBK software will be updated from time to time, one of the two types of updates: Updates share table file (/ tables) updates and programs.

If you use GAMIT / GLOBK observation data processing software used by software release before the time, then you do not update, then usually there will not be any problems. However, if the observation time of your data after the software release time, then do not update, then you may encounter some errors.

For shared table update file, you can choose to enter SOPAC sites such as FTP server to download one by one; and update, you can remove the old version of the software to re-install the latest version to resolve. But in fact, GAMIT / GLOBK provides a more time-saving method, using install_updates script.

On MIT's FTP server (chandler.mit.edu), provides a package for updating GAMIT / GLOBK software (incremental_updates. [Yymmdd] .tar.gz, where yymmdd represents the date updated), the file is packaged the latest version (now 10.5) of all software update files and programs shared tables since publication. Download this file and install it into the directory of your GAMIT / GLOBK software after using the "cd" command to enter the directory, execute install_updates script:

chmod + x install_updates


The software can automatically install updates to your GAMIT / GLOBK.
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