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  Use OpenWrt build WDS wireless network extension on V2 WHR-G300N
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Brush into OpenWrt

Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 hardware and WHR-G301 the same, so it can be used directly for the firmware. If not yet in Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 brush into OpenWrt or update to 15.05, you can refer to the following manner:

Go OpenWrt official website to download WHR-G301 firmware: firmware upgrade from the official or upgrade from OpenWrt
Be sure to use a wired connection to the router, the default is not open or because OpenWrt Wireless Network ......
Go to the official firmware Admin Reflash or OpenWrt firmware update before it.
Wait WHR-G300N after V2 red DIAG light goes out, it can be in your browser to access the Web Management Interface
Repeat this step for two WHR-G300N V2 is updated to version OpenWrt 15.05
WDS wireless network extension

WDS is a non-standard IEEE 802.11 wireless network expansion, it allows two routers to connect wirelessly to form a network environment to connect to the host router A transparent access can connect to the host router B's.

Because it is non-standard solutions, each vendor's implementation mechanism are the difference, so basically allows only official firmware with brands and even between models of the same product composition WDS network, and some have to limit the number, such as the WHR-G300N V2 official firmware allows only two of the same model. Thanks to OpenWrt, provided that the same chip, different brands may also be composed of a WDS network, also broke the quantitative restrictions unnecessary.

Selected brushed OpenWrt router in one as the main access point, the access point WAN interfaces need to be connected ADSL / Fiber cat or more on a network. The rest of the router called secondary access point, follow these routers WDS say play extended main access point coverage effect.

Configure the primary access point

Use a wired connection to the host and the main access point, through the completion of WAN related configuration in the Interface in the Web management interface, PPPoE or DHCP (Client) what
After ensuring that the network can access the Internet or higher through this router
Go Wifi settings, turn on the wireless network, you need to select Note Access Type Access Point (WDS), and then as usual generally designated SSID, encryption, and access keys.
Unplug the connection host and main access points to ensure that wireless nodes can now access this router.
Primary access point configuration

Configuring secondary access point

Use a wired connection to the host and the secondary access point, disable the DHCP service, via in the Web management interface in a LAN Interface only because obviously the main access point DHCP service can be changed to a static address. This address must be the primary access point on the same subnet, but outside the scope of their assigned DHCP address pool, in the OpenWrt this is generally less than 100, such as
Unplug the host connection and secondary access point, the access point will be the primary and secondary access points to connect two LAN, the host should be able to open the Web configuration interface point of visits by newly assigned IP address.
Go Wifi settings, turn on the wireless network, you need to select Note Access Type Client (WDS), and then under the specified primary access point SSID, encryption, and access keys. important
Wait a minute, WDS connection establishment takes about 1 minute. After temporarily disable the host's wireless network, using a wired connection point visits again, this time should be properly online.
If the previous step is no problem, again went Wifi page, in the wireless network devices page, click Add button to add a virtual access points (VAP), this node will be used to connect wireless access point times.
Click the newly created VAP start configuration can be found, such as standard network channels and the like can not be adjusted, after all, a common antenna thing. The following Access Type selection Access Point, similar to the general designated SSID and encryption can be. Here's SSID and the main SSID is not special requirements, like allowing different. Personal experience is different SSID can be easily manually select the best current node signals, because some devices (PS Vita) select WiFi signal stupid ......
Disconnect the host and secondary access points wired connection, re-enable Wi-Fi, this time should pass the secondary node access point properly online.
Secondary access point configuration

If there are more routers can be added to the WDS network with reference to the above-described manner.
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