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  Use rfkill soft-switching and Bluetooth wireless capabilities in Linux
  Add Date : 2016-09-04      
  Many computer systems contain radio transmission, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G devices. These devices consume power when not in use of these devices is a waste of energy.

RFKill is a subsystem in the Linux kernel that provides an interface, this interface can be found to activate and deactivate the radio transmission of a computer system. When deactivated transmission, it is in the software can be re-activated state (soft lock) or software can not be reactivated location (hard lock).

RFKill provides an application programming interface (API) for the kernel subsystem. Kernel driver is designed to support the use of this API RFKill registered kernel, and enable and disable the device that contains the method. In addition, RFKill user program can be interpreted to provide notification and the user to query the status of the transmission method.

RFKill interface is located / dev / rfkill, which contains the current state of the system in all radio transmissions. Each device Register RFKill state in sysfs. In addition, RFKill enabled devices whenever the state changes, RFKill will be issued uevents.

rfkill is a command-line tool that you can use to query and change the system RFKill device is enabled. To obtain this tool, install rfkill packages.

If the boot in search of the wireless network and the password is correct but the case still can not access, it may be rfkill blocked access this program, it is used to control the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth soft switch.

Using the command rfkill list list of devices, each of which contains associated index number, starting from 0.

rfkill list

You can use this number to make rfkill stop or make use of a device, such as:

rfkill block 0
Disable system first RFKill enabled device.

You can also use rfkill blocking certain types of equipment, or all RFKill enabled devices. E.g:

rfkill block wifi
Disable system, all Wi-Fi devices. To disable all enabled RFKill device, run:

rfkill block all
To re-use the device, run rfkill unblock. For a complete list of categories rfkill device can be disabled, run rfkill help.
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