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  Using IE can also be easily remotely control the computer
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Under normal circumstances to achieve remote control, respectively, are to be in the service and client control software is installed, if you want to control a remote computer in a different place each time the client does a little trouble installing the software, and this RemotelyAnywhere is to solve this problem, as long as the control of the software installed on your computer,
Then you can browser on any computer with Internet access (such as IE) on a computer equipped with RemotelyAnywhere remote control.
But it should be noted that the remote client browser to support Java to control the server side.
Software name: RemotelyAnywhere
Latest version: 5.33.435
File size: 11979KB
Software nature: Shareware
Application Platform: Windows 9x / NT / 2000 / XP
[click to download]
First, activate RemotelyAnywhere
The first step: Double-click to open the task tray in the RemotelyAnywhere icon will pop up RemotelyAnywhere interface, click "RemotelyAnywhere is not activated" under the "Please click here to activate RemotelyAnywhere" blue words.

Step Two: RemotelyAnywhere authentication dialog pops up asking for a username and password, enter the complete, click "Login" button.
Step 3: On the "Welcome to RemotelyAnywhere" interface, select "I want to test the free", click "Next" button.
Step four: then pop up "free 30 day trial" screen, select the "Product Type" drop-down list box "Enterprise Edition", and then after all the other information filled out, click the "Next" button. At this time, it will pop up "RemotelyAnywhere has been activated," the interface. Then click "Restart RemotelyAnywhere" button to restart the RemotelyAnywhere to take effect.
Tip: After activating this software free trial for 30 days.

Second, the actual remote control
Step one: Run RemotelyAnywhere, enter a user name and password and click "Login" button, and then double-click the green arrow icon in the system tray, if the pop-up "RemotelyAnywhere is disabled" dialog box, click "Enable RemotelyAnywhere" blue words to this open software. If "RemotelyAnywhere has been open" dialog box that pops up, you can see the desired remote control the computer's IP address a.

Step Two: To control the end open the IE browser on the computer, enter the server computer's IP address and port in IE login address, such as "" (double quotation marks do not enter). Enter, the browser window will appear login screen.
The third step: namely, the user name and password box is populated when you install remote login user name and password, click "Login" button.
Step 4: After login to be controlled client computer, click on "Remote Control" button in the left window, and automatic pop-up "Security Warning" dialog box, click "Yes (Y)" to start the installation.
Step Five: Click the pop-up window on the right of "Screenshot - based remote control," the words, you can see the accused server computer interface, and then you can implement remote control of this computer.

Tip: If your computer does not install the Java Virtual Machine, you can follow the tips given IE browser to automatically download and install the Microsoft Web site, you can also go to http://www.sun.com download SUN's Java virtual machine.
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