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  Vagrant failed to start, stuck in Waiting for VM to boot solution
  Add Date : 2017-05-29      
  When vagrant up will fail to start, stuck in the following link, and occupy 100% CPU:

[Default] Booting VM ...
[Default] Waiting for VM to boot. This can take a few minutes.
This time we can only force the power off in VirtualBox management panel. When running vagrant up again, they still can not enter the system, VirtualBox can see a GRUB interface. This is the GRUB safe mode interface (Ubuntu system in common). The default interface is no countdown, leading us not enter the system.


With VirtualBox panel to run the system in GRUB interface Enter login user name: vagrant, password: vagrant, edit /etc/grub.d/00_header, found:

if [ "\ $ {recordfail}" = 1]; then
  set timeout = -1
-1 Is changed to 10:

if [ "\ $ {recordfail}" = 1]; then
  set timeout = 10
Then run $ update-grub update GRUB, shut down and then start with $ vagrant up will be able to properly started.

Written here can not be started after a power failure forced solution, as to why other times start vagrant inexplicably failed to start, I have not found the reason.

VBoxManage there are a series of command-line tools to manage virtual machines yo usually do not like this, then you can start the GUI

VBoxManage startvm $ vm --type headless
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