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  Vim Common Command Summary
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Use Vim time is not long, but now can not do without the familiar pattern of the Vim editor. Vim learning curve is very steep, she started studying, going to face a lot of the command to remember, often prohibitive.

In fact, just remember that some commonly used commands, in addition to stick with Vim at work editing, soon handy.

Move the cursor (Cursor Movement)

Command Function (explain)
h, j, k, l h represents the left, j indicates down, k is right, l represents up
Ctrl + f Previous
Ctrl + b Next
w, e, W, E to jump behind the word, including punctuation lowercase
b, B units of the word beat cursor forward, lowercase contain punctuation
O open a new line
^ Beginning of line
$ End of line
The first line of the document gg
[N] N-th row G of the document or the last row
Insert mode (Insert Mode)

Command Function (explain)
i inserted in front of the cursor
I inserted into the starting position line
a is inserted after the cursor
A row is inserted into the final position
o, O to open a line
Esc Close Insert mode
Edit (Editing)

Command Function (explain)
r replace one character under the cursor in insert mode
J merging the next line to the previous line
s cursor to delete a character, the cursor will remain when the line
S delete a line under the cursor, when the cursor is still in line, unlike dd
u undo the last action
ctrl + r restore the previous step
Repeat last command
~ Converted to uppercase
[N] >> N line or row to the right to move a tab
[N] << N line or row to the left to move a tab
Close (Exiting)

Command Function (explain)
: W Save
: Wq,: x Save and Close
: Q Close (saved)
: Q forced to shut down!
Search (Search)

Command Function (explain)
/ Pattern search (non-intrusive mode)
? Pattern Search backward
n cursor reach a target in front of search results
After a target cursor reaches N search results
Visual modes (Visual Mode)

Command Function (explain)
v Select one or more characters
V Select a row
Cut and Copy (Cut and Paste)

Command Function (explain)
dd delete a line
dw delete a word
After x delete a character
To delete a character before X
D delete a row last character
[N] yy copied row or rows N
yw copy a word
p Paste
Window Operations

Command Function (explain)
: Split horizontally split a window
: Vsplit split a window vertically
: Close Close
Ctrl + W to switch windows, h to the left window, j to the bottom of the window, k to the top of the window, l the window to the right
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