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  Vim custom color
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1. The first on the map

Here is the tcpdump source. Color configuration to your liking, I prefer bright colors, to see clearly!

2. Download the auxiliary profile

First, we download a vim plugin xterm-color-table.vim, download address: http: //www.vim.org/scripts/script.php script_id = 3412?

This plug-in can display a variety of colors corresponding to the terminal number, allowing you to make reference to the color of the moment.

After downloading the xterm-color-table.vim into your home directory ~ / .vim / plugin / below. Or put your global vim configuration folder inside.

Then open vim, enter the command mode: Xt, where uppercase x, lowercase t. Then press completion, completion of XtermColorTable, the following interface will appear after the carriage return

Tip: If you open, there is no color display, digital display of all, you need to bash in your environment file .bashrc like to join export TERM = xterm-256color, let the term open 256 colors

3. Color

vim default color man named desert.vim, this is the color scheme I started with. We took this change. Path in my machine /usr/share/vim/vim74/colors/desert.vim

cp copy to your home directory ~ / .vim / colors / below, or you go to global configuration folder, cp copy, change a different name.

We open this file, the following changes color. Modified, the original recommendation commented, cp a new line to prevent the reference would not error correction!

 1 "Comments
 2 hi Comment ctermfg = 14
 3 "Constant
 4 hi Constant ctermfg = 202
 5 "Special placeholders are% plus type, escape characters and the like in the C language
 6 hi Special ctermfg = 200
 7 "for if where, etc.
 8 hi Statement ctermfg = Yellow
 9 "preprocessing
10 hi PreProc ctermfg = 197
11 "Type
12 hi Type ctermfg = Green
13 "Color Search
14 hi Search term = bold ctermbg = 4 guibg = DarkBlue
The above ctermfg is to modify the color, "Yellow" "Green" These are the basic color term, in fact, can also be directly controlled XtermColorTable replaced by digital.

After modification, modification colorscheme remember this color corresponding to your name in your .vimrc file inside!
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