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  VirtualBox installation enhancements let the mouse move and share CentOS 6.4
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  An installation allows the mouse to be dragged to an outside window function

In fact, off is the following three commands installed in the graphical interface to run the CD in the VxxLxx.sh on it (as long as the capital Vtab key to complete, L make up the script)

[Root @ www.abctest.com ~] # yum groupinstall Desktop # Ensure that the graphical interface

[Root @ www.abctest.com ~] # yum-y install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc make

[Root @ www.abctest.com ~] # yum update

Two to create the physical host and virtual virtualbox linux shared folder

1 first in the physical machine in a drive letter to create a folder called vbox_share

2 Pre-create the / share folder in the virtual machine for mounting

3 in the virtualbox-device - add a shared directory (physical machine on this directory, check the automatic) --- in the virtual machine to run the mount

Mount -t vboxsf / vbox_share / share
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