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  VirtualBox snapshots
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  VirtualBox is a very easy to use virtual machine software, both performance and ease of use than commercial VMware difference. VirtualBox is Sun's first product, since the Sun acquisition by Oracle, is now owned by the Oracle.

In addition to multiple virtual OS, software testing, safety and other aspects of the application of the virtual machine, the virtual machine snapshot functionality in the software rapid deployment also has very important applications.

A, VirtualBox snapshots

1, generate a backup: the current state of the virtual machine disk to make a snapshot (snapshot), subsequent changes to the disk are written to the "current state."
2, restore the backup: Delete "current state" will be restored to the state state disk generated when a specified snapshot. This action will prompt "whether to create the current state" backup, if you select No, then modify the current state of the disk made all lost (caution)
3, delete the backup: This action is before you delete the selected snapshot, the contents of the first snapshots of upward consolidation. (recommend)

Second, the application example: offcie 2003 and 2007 using the Move

1, a clean install xp system, install office 2003
2, shutdown, backup generator 20111122-office2003
3, start the backup, uninstall 2003, 2007 installation
4, shutdown, backup generator 20111122-office2007
5, if the use office2003, on a backup 20111122-office2003 right click and select "Restore Backup", then you can start
6, if the use office2007, then the backup 20111122-office2007 right click and select "Restore Backup", then you can start
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