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  VirtualBox virtual machine to install Linux
  Add Date : 2016-11-04      
  Step 1: Install VNC

1. Install vnc

yum install -y tigervnc *

2. Start vncserver

[Root @ xxx ~] # vncserver
You will require a password to access your desktops.

xauth: creating new authority file /root/.Xauthority

New 'xxx: 1 (root)' desktop is xxx: 1

Creating default startup script /root/.vnc/xstartup
Starting applications specified in /root/.vnc/xstartup
Log file is /root/.vnc/xxx:1.log

3. Configure VNC Server startup file

Read a lot about the article, said the need to change ~ HOME / .vnc / xstartup file, but I have not changed, of course, still have to install a graphical interface

yum -y install gnome *

Configure / etc / sysconfig / vncserver file

VNCSERVERS = "10: root"
VNCSERVERARGS [10] = "- geometry 1024x768 -nolistien tcp"

Port number, user, according to the resolution of the actual situation changes, save and exit

vncserver -list # see if there is a plurality of ports
vncserver -kill: x # delete unused ports
vncserver: 10 # vncserver start

NOTE: After the restart vncserver, in the windows system installation vncviewer, enter the IP: port number and password to enter the graphical interface
 If the screen is garbled, probably because linux system is a Chinese installation, modify / etc / sysconfig / i18n file conversion in English

Step 2: Install VirtualBox

1. Install the DKMS kernel into dkms rpm official website to download the installation package, download address: http: //linux.dell.com/dkms

wget http://linux.dell.com/dkms/permalink/dkms-
rpm -ivh dkms-

2. Download VirtualBox install the RPM package, download address: https: //www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

wget http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.28/VirtualBox-4.3-4.3.28_100309_el6-1.x86_64.rpm
rpm -ivh VirtualBox-4.3-4.3.6_91406_el6-1.x86_64.rpm

After installation, the following error message appears:

No precompiled module for this kernel found - trying to build one Messages.
emitted during module compilation will be logged to /var/log/vbox-install.log.

Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules [OK]
Uninstalling old VirtualBox DKMS kernel modules [OK]
Trying to register the VirtualBox kernel modules using DKMSError! Echo
Your kernel headers for kernel 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64 can not be found at
/lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/build or /lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/source.
(Failed, trying without DKMS)
Recompiling VirtualBox kernel modules [FAILED]
(Look at /var/log/vbox-install.log to find out what went wrong)


Install kernel-devel package

yum install kernel-devel - $ (uname -r)

If yum source is not installed, you can search http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html to download and install the appropriate version of the system

The third step: Start VirtualBox Services

service vboxdrv setup

When the instructions to start successfully the following message when you run, then you can create a virtual machine.

Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules [OK]
Uninstalling old VirtualBox DKMS kernel modules [OK]
Trying to register the VirtualBox kernel modules using DKMS [OK]
Starting VirtualBox kernel modules [OK]
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