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  Virtualization and IT cooperation
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Virtualization security is not just about virtual network security, it also involves ensuring the virtual server operating system security.

Virtual Server is a hybrid device, whether it is a VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, VMware Server, VMware Workstation, Citrix XenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Hypervisor virtual server are different servers (OS), a network device (a switch or bridge) and the mixture storage interface.

Now security experts know how to enhance the security of an operating system, how to include security network bridge or switch device. But few know how to achieve security while more than all of these areas, or the hypervisor as a very complex thing.

You need to spend paying favor a virtualization expert to get all this? Expert in this field is small, or if you do not need them. All you need to do is to bring together all of your own safety and technical personnel, and so that they understand the reality of virtualization technology. You should try to remove those obstacles to cooperation between departments.

Virtualization administrators from different departments are often mutual cooperation relations. For example, a store team involved is difficult to correctly configure Linux virtual servers; network administrator is difficult for the virtual server host anyone can network speed and port infrastructure; setting operating system security administrator if necessary without the aid of the path and then you can not use now that they really need those tools.

Integration features to avoid this institutional problem, also avoid virtualization allows administrators to assume the role of storage, security and network administrators.

Because the virtual server mainly involves three aspects of virtual server administrators need to know all three aspects of information, or with the help of department store, department or network security and operations departments. Although you can learn a person to these areas, but the most effective approach is to use existing resources specialist.

IT personnel to address this question the answer is: Let all IT departments understand the virtualization-related knowledge. Virtualization is not a hollow concept, it is a fact. Whether you purchase through the IT department virtualization books, or provide the necessary training, all departments must be unity of action, including virtualization administrators.

Virtualization administrators is to achieve all of these possible a bridge, he needs to explain the terms they use to other departments, so that when the case of teamwork, "You do not understand our terminology," does not occur.

Training must begin at the top. Most third-level technical staff has some idea of virtualization technology, but more needs to be a business and technical training for senior IT staff.

Moreover, safety experts must be clear that the virtual machine is different from physical servers, security-related decisions may be based on outdated or even wrong information developed. Fix these false claims virtualization security experts, which also need to pay a high price.

IT industry is now turning positive, and the direction of integration, IT sector should break from their enclosure and scope of protection, do your best to understand virtualization is a never-ending job.
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