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  VMware6 achieve nat Internet
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  The company's network is not automatically obtain IP, so the need to manually configure the IP, and then manually configure the computers IP and co-workers are afraid of conflict, so think of ways to achieve access through nat.

1. Set nat virtual machine
If you are the English version of vmware, this setting:
Edit -> Virtual Network setting -> NAT -> Vmnet 8 Gateway IP address: Netmask: NAT service: Started -> OK

2. Modify the virtual machine network card settings
Double-click the bottom right corner of the virtual machine network adapter icon, move the mouse over it will display "Ethernet: ...",
Device status that needs to play on the two hooks;
Network connection you need to select the last item (Custom: Specific virtual network) Select Vmnet8 (NAT)
The last point ok

3. Go to your computer (XP)
Right-click on "My Network Places" -> Properties -> Right click "VMware Network Adapter VMnet8" -> Properties -> Double-click "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" -> to manually set the IP subnet mask gateway and dns are set to -> OK -> OK

4. Set your virtual machine IP (linux)
vim / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0 as follows:
DEVICE = eth0
HWADDR = 00: 0C: 29: 33: F7: 3A
ONBOOT = yes

vim /etc/resolv.conf reads as follows:
search localdomain

Restart network services service network restart so that you can get online.
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