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  VMware virtual machine can not start VMnet0 no Internet access and other issues
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  VMware virtual machine can not access, due to the previously installed VMware virtual machine, then uninstall it, and then re-install, finally appeared in the virtual machine can not access. Whether to start the beginning thought it was the reason for the system, then the system will view the inside of the card through linux command, such as: /etc/init.d/network status View Webzine start-up, restart the card: service network restart. Setting modify / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0 file. Even online that you want to add in the file

check_link_dowm () {

return 1;


But all my ways are, and to no avail. Finally, I restart the computer, re-boot the virtual machine is found inside the virtual machine Tip: VM host physical network card can not be bridged. What does it mean? That is the way I want to bridge the network, then the host must provide a physical NIC. So, this may be a problem setting the virtual machine itself. But it will be before I would like to look at the popularity of virtual machine networking knowledge:

Virtual machine networking There are two main ways :( otherwise can not access)

1, bridged mode, the main mode of operation is as follows:

(1) inside the virtual machine to find: Edit ---> Virtual Machine Network Editor. Open can occur (Note that this setting must shut down the operating system before they can set up a virtual machine)

We can see VMnet0 corresponds bridging, VMnet1 corresponds host mode, VMnet8 corresponds NAT mode. Host mode no Internet access. Bridging and NAT mode is only access to the Internet.

Then, select the host can provide bridging virtual machine's NIC. As shown can be bridged to choose Realtek PCIe ...... Click Apply and OK.

(2) The next step is the corresponding virtual machine selection: Virtual Machine ---> Settings ----> Network Adapter -----> select bridge mode.

(3) and then start the virtual machine to the Internet.

2, NAT mode

(1) Step a similar manner with the bridge, but the choice is NAT option. And set the IP subnet and DHCP.

(2) The next step is the corresponding virtual machine selection: Virtual Machine ---> Settings ----> Network Adapter -----> select bridge mode.

(3) and then start the virtual machine to the Internet.

Well, the main way to introduce over the Internet, said the following about my problems: my problems mainly VMnet0 virtual machines on the physical network card can not be bridged to the host, and then I open the virtual machine's network editor found that I did no VMnet0. so concluded the problem is out here. Therefore, Internet search to solve this problem. Sure enough, I soon found a solution:

Say This problem arises primarily because the virtual machine is not clean uninstall or reinstall the virtual machine after the virtual machine need to set up some virtual machine's network editor. So we set up according to his method to solve the problem. The main steps are:

1, the first virtual machine network editor VMnet1 and VMnet8 are removed out.

2, then shut down the virtual machines, reboot the host computer

3, re-entering the Virtual Machine Network Editor, click the bottom right corner to restore the default settings can be restored to normal.

4. The bridging and NAT manner described above to set me on the Internet can be.

Finally solved the problem. Happy.
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