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  VMware virtual machine operating system log Error in the RPC receive loop resolve
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Cloud computing, virtualization field of information technology in recent years is more popular concept. With these ideas in depth for the country, a new generation of virtual machines, virtual environments has become increasingly present in our everyday environment. Virtual machine flexible and efficient deployment management, operation and maintenance areas have gradually been accepted.

In the practice field, we use the same virtual environment to face some new problems and failures, we need to re-learn to explore, to keep up with the development process, solve practical problems.

This article documents the author in the management and maintenance of a Windows virtual machine (built on VMware) encountered a small problem, recorded, left a friend in need to be examined.

1. Description of the problem

The author in the installation and maintenance of a Windows server running version 2008 R2. Server is built on the VM Ware virtual machine environment, resource allocation and management are carried out by VM Ware console. Since the server uses factors, we conducted additional security reinforcement operations and log checking operation, and found the following Warning log information.

And Linux / AIX text log different ways, Windows logs are stored in binary mode and show up, and be divided into different types of tissue. You can see from the screenshot above, the application Application type system with high frequency (two per second) generated Warning level log information. Application Log type is generally application output written to the log content the operating system level.

Source column indicates the prompts which application written log contents. This column we determine the log from the VMWare Tools.

2, problem analysis

VMWare Tools is an optional VMWare virtual machine. Some of the newer versions, as VMWare Tools will install a virtual machine version. Simply put, VMWare Tools is a virtual machine embedded in the operating system level plug-in tool. Main duty is responsible for improved hardware compatibility, interactive experience. If we as a virtual machine than the unit running in the container, VMWare Tools is an important component of both communication.

Implemented in the case of this error, we can find fault log the following major elements:

[Warning] [vmusr: vmusr] Error in the RPC receive loop: RpcIn: Unable to send.

I do not have any experience with this error, failure frequency and content from the tips look like vmware tools on an ongoing connection to send RPC messages. But the calling procedure is not completed successfully. It once doubted process is not in the RPC ports closed reinforcement of the operating system, but it turned out not to confirm the problem.

3, problem analysis and solution

By querying data from VMWare official looking into the failure analysis and the reasons. This log phenomena are likely to occur in Windows and Linux environments. The official explanation for the problem as follows:


This issue occurs when the VMware Tools daemon (vmtoolsd) handles more than two Terminal Sessions When a user connects to a Windows virtual machine, each terminal session should have one vmtoolsd running;. However, vmtoolsd is limited to only two sessions running simultaneously.

Thus the Windows Application Event log fills up with warning messages similar to this until the total connection count is> 2 per session:

Simply put, the problem is at the same time to multiple users connected to the virtual machine's case appears. Whenever a user vmtool connected into a virtual machine when the virtual machine is assigned a background daemon process vmtoolsd match. If multiple users simultaneously connected into the system, or use a remote desktop connection is not officially launched but simply close the screen, can cause this problem. While the process is operating restrictions vmtoolsd two sessions.

When this occurs when, vmtools operating system will write a warning-level information.

So, we need to determine the current number of connected users, and is not a case of more than a vmtoolsd while working. An occasional scene, I looked at the task manager, find the clues.

In Task Manager, there are more than one vmtoolsd.exe connection, corresponding to a plurality of users of the system established by the author. This is due to the author at the time to create a user were using remote desktop for testing, after no exit caused.

We find the cause of the problem can be addressed. VMWare official addressed idea is: if there is too much too often the log, you can log warning level switch is turned off, is not written into the operating system can.

Close the log mainly done through configuration files. On Windows 7,2008 platform, logging configuration directory: C: \ ProgramData \ VMware \ VMware Tools \. In earlier versions of Windows, the directory path is C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ VMware \ VMware Tools \.

In the Linux platform, the configuration directory: /etc/vmware-tools/tools.conf.

On the corresponding directory, the profile names for tools.conf. If the file does not exist, you can create your own out of a directory configuration. We do not have this file in the corresponding directory server, first created.

[Img] http://blog.itpub.net/attachment/201408/30/17203031_1409392070hs9S.jpg [/ img]

Write the following in the file:


vmusr.level = error

vmsvc.level = error

After restarting vmtools services, and to ensure that multi-user connection is disconnected, the configuration takes effect. I choose to reboot the server. After the problem is solved.

4 Conclusion

As virtualization widely quoted in the operation and maintenance of the environment, I believe there will be more and more virtualization-related failure and resolve.
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