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  VMware virtual machine to use bridged mode fast Internet access
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  The VMware virtual machine is set to bridge mode Internet, the equivalent of your host and virtual machines are connected to the same LAN switch, knowing this principle, the remaining question is set:

In the virtual machine settings, select Use:

Custom: a specific virtual network, Vmnet0 (bridge mode)

In the virtual machine's virtual network editor, the Vmnet0 bridge to access your current network card:

For example, you are wired through the Internet, on the choice of wired network card, if it is through wireless Internet access, you can select the wireless network card.

Turn off the host firewall and 360 security guards:

The reason is very simple, usually the software will put your virtual machine network traffic to block, this will result in a virtual machine can not access through the bridge mode.

Under normal circumstances, after the above settings you can make a virtual machine in a real network, if not, then the rest is troubleshooting network problems, it is recommended to learn about the basic understanding of network communication CCNA will help, of course, network troubleshooting is not a problem. Also, if you understand the network, especially routing and switching technology to understand, then to develop, it is like a duck.
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