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  VMware virtual machine Ubuntu install arm-linux-gcc cross-compiler environment
  Add Date : 2017-03-14      
  1. Development platform:

Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 (Other systems RedHat, etc., it is said very easy to use, this is the teacher recommended Linux operating system)

Virtual machines: VMware 10.0 (the latest version of it)

Software interface: QTE (qt-embeded)

Cross compiler tools: arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2

PS: The software can be easily found on the Internet, it is not attached to the connection address.

Placed anywhere in the file system.

Download the best in XP environment is good, then this package onto the virtual machine inside ubuntu inside any location. (Vmware tools to support drag and drop from the XP virtual machine)

3. Installation Procedure

1. Install a standard C development environment

linuxidc @ ubuntu: ~ $ sudo apt-get install gcc g ++ libgcc1 libg ++ make gdb


linuxidc @ ubuntu: ~ $ sudo apt-get install build-essential

2. Unzip:

linuxidc @ ubuntu: ~ $ sudo tar xvzf arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2.tgz -C /

Note: There is a space behind the C, and C is the capital, it is the English word "Change" the first letter in this directory is to change the meaning.

-C /: Consciousness is extracted to the specified directory, in this case the root directory, since the archive itself contains an internal directory structure usr / local / arm, so unzip to the root directory is actually extract the files to / usr / local / arm folder.

Execute the command will install arm-linux-gcc to /usr/local/arm/4.3.2 directory.

3. modify environment variables, the cross compiler path is added to the PATH:

Method one: Modify /etc/bash.bashrc file (this file is only applicable for the current user)

$ Sudo gedit /etc/bash.bashrc

Then the space was added at the end of the file the code below:

if [-d /usr/local/arm/4.3.2]; then

PATH = / usr / local / arm / 4.3.2 / bin: "$ {PATH}"


Add the complete path.

Enter the mouse to select code

4. the new environmental variables to take effect without restarting the computer:

$ Source /etc/bash.bashrc

5. Check that the path is added to the PATH:

$ Echo $ PATH

If the contents of the display contains: /usr/local/arm/4.3.2/bin legend has cross compiler path join PATH.

So far, cross-compiler environment installed.

6. Test whether the installation is successful

$ Arm-linux-gcc -v

The above command will display arm-linux-gcc and version information.
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