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  VMware Workstation virtual machine Ubuntu achieve shared with the host
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  After install VMware Workstation virtual machine Ubuntu, beginning with the host can not be shared, can be achieved between the copy and paste functionality that is mutual. After going to solve the problem, just install VMvare tools and then restart the virtual machine to Ubuntu. In the windows under a virtual machine, when you install the tool has the Setup Wizard, but in the Linux system (Ubuntu) under through terminal command window installation.

Step 1. Select VM-> install VMware tools on the Ubuntu menu. Then appear VMware tools installation archive files VMwareTools-9.2.0-799703.tar.gz.

The second step in the terminal in the compressed extract the files to the desktop or your home directory.

You can copy the compressed file to the main folder, and then unzip command to extract its tar.gz file, unzip the file name after the name change is relatively simple, such as "vm"

The third step is to enter the command cd extract the directory vm (ie cd vm), there will be vmware-install.pl file.

The fourth step installation vmware-install.pl. In the command window, type: sudo ./vmware-install.pl, and then began to compile all the way to press the Enter key until Enjoy appears.

The fifth step to restart the virtual machine Ubuntu (top right corner of the desktop by ubuntu Settings button). Otherwise VMware tools after installation will not work.

Finally: Open VMware-> Toolbars -> VM-> settings-> options -> shared Folders point to add, follow the prompts to add a Windows under the "Desktop." Windows file folder under the Desktop Sharing
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