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  Wi-Fi hackers use to attack your seven methods
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Wi-Fi hackers using your privacy violated seven methods

Wi-Fi - ah, you are so easy, yet so dangerous!

here to tell you about the connection via Wi-Fi "generous donation" seven ways your identity information and counter-measures.


use a free hotspot

They seem to be everywhere, and their number will triple over the next four years. But many of them are untrustworthy, from your login credentials, email accounts and even more sensitive, can be used by hackers to use " sniffer (sniffer) " interception software - this software can intercept any you submit information via this connection. The best way to prevent being targeted by hackers is to use a VPN (virtual private network (virtual private network)), which encrypts information you input, it is possible to protect your data privacy.


online banking

You probably do not think anyone needs to be reminded not to use free Wi-Fi to operate online banking, but the network security firm Kaspersky Lab represents the world's more than 100 banks because hackers lost $ 900 million, or seen there are a lot of people suffer. If you believe a coffee shop free Wi-Fi is formal, you want to connect to it, then you should make sure the network name to the waiter. Other people in the store with the router set up an open wireless connection, and set up its network name as its name is a very simple matter.


Always open Wi-Fi switch

If your phone's Wi-Fi switch has been open, you'll automatically be connected to an unsecured network to go, you do not even realize. You can use the Wi-Fi feature on your phone location, if there is such a function, then it will automatically turn off your Wi-Fi switch you leave your saved and scope of the network, after you back on again.


do not use a firewall

A firewall is your first line of defense against malicious intrusion, it can effectively make your computer network to keep them open and blocks hackers and malicious software. You should always open it unless your anti-virus software has its own firewall.


Browse non-encrypted website

Speaking sad, ranking the world's top 100 million sites in 55 per cent is not encrypted, an unencrypted site will be exposed in the eyes of all transmitted data hackers. If a page is secure, your browser will have indicated (for example, Firefox is a gray padlock, Chrome browser is a green lock icon). But even you can not make the site safe from the risk of being hijacked, they steal cookies from a public network through your visited sites, whether or not formal website.


Do not update your security software

If you want to make sure your network is protected, update the router firmware. You have to do is to enter your router administration page to be examined, usually you can download the latest firmware version on the manufacturer's official website.


does not protect your home Wi-Fi

Needless to say, set a complex password and change the default name of the wireless connection is very important. You can also filter your MAC address to make your router only confirmed the identification of those devices.

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