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  Wildcards and special symbols usage comments under Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In Linu systems we encounter some special symbols, let me give you roughly say something

* Represents 0 or more special characters

Examples of yum. * Representatives can make yum. May be yum.a, yum.ab, yum.abc course after the decimal point may have more than one letter

? Represents any one character

Examples of yum.? May be yum.a yum.b yum.c ...... but be aware that the decimal point must have any one character

[] Is represented by any one of the brackets

Examples [abcdef] can be a b c d e f any one letter can of course also be a number

[-] Represents a range

Examples [a-z] it is represented by the letters a to z all letters between

[^] ^ Reverse select the symbol from the literal meaning you can also know the meaning of right and wrong

Examples [^ abc] represents a b c they do not any of these three characters on the choice of a

... ... ... ...

Here to tell you some special symbols

Explanatory notes #

We can then look at the effect of exercise time by some of the key things commented

$ Variable symbol

\ General escape character used in writing long wildcards we can put special characters or wildcard characters escaped as general

; Segmentation continuous command symbol

This very easy to use if you want to write a script, then you can use this method

Examples cp / etc / tmp; ls / tmp; cd etc; rm etc

{} Is the middle command block

Perform '' anti-dot in the middle

/ Directory symbol path segmentation

& Put into the background to perform the job

- The user's home folder

! Non-logical operations on

> >> Redirect the output data stream guide> will overwrite the original >> will append the last line of text below

< < < Redirect input data stream and guide the use of their own experience almost above
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