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  Xmanager Remote Desktop connection CentOS
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In this paper, when a remote desktop connection CentOS through Xmanager, on CentOS systems need to do some configuration.

1. Xmanager Introduction

Xmanager is running on a high-performance X Server software on the Windows platform. It can distal Unix / Linux desktops seamless strip onto your Windows, even after the computer is on the internal network or a firewall, but also through the SSH protocol safe operation of the distal end X applications.

Features include:

You can set multiple Xmanager settings Xcongfig tool;
Support multi-user Windows terminal environment;
Support for multiple IP addresses;
Support local resource database;
Conversion Hotkey keyboard mapping;
It supports Windows printing features like multi-window under

2. CentOS 6.3 configuration

Install gdm (if installed, you do not need to install)

yum -y install gdm

Configure the system for the graphics mode, open the / etc / inittab, modified to id: 5: initdefault: (Ruoyi to 5 without modification)

vi / etc / inittab

Open /etc/gdm/custom.conf, in the [security] and [xdmcp] field add the following respectively:

AllowRemoteRoot = true
Port = 177
Enable = 1

Turn off the firewall (service iptables stop) or open udp port 177 on the firewall protocol, restart the machine

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