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  Xshell upload files to achieve Windows host Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Often there is such a demand, we downloaded the Windows package, how to upload to a remote Linux host? And how to download the package from Linux to Windows at the host; before I approach now seems kind of stupid good cumbersome, but also reached the end, there is the method stupid thing;

1. Open a local Linux virtual machine, use mount to mount Windows shared folder on Linux, then copy the data to a Linux virtual machine inside; (often the first step is not successful, you can not mount the Windows folder)

2, the local Linux virtual machine using rsync to synchronize data copied to the remote Linux host, you need both sides to install rsync package, openssh-clients package; encountered a bigger file copy time-consuming;

3, there is a way to use wget directly downloaded directly ahead is downloading URLs; most of them are downloaded to the local Windows and then upload to the remote Linux host;

Here's a simple method, easy to upload files to Windows on Linux, can be downloaded from Linux to Windows local;

1, the use of our common Xshell login tool, establishing a new remote session, fill in the ip address and user name and password, select the bottom ZMODEM, fill in the download path, the path load; two paths can be the same or may not be the same;

2, on a Linux host, uploading and downloading installation kit rz and sz

If you do not know the specific name of the package you want to install, you can use yum provides * / name lookup system comes with the package;

[Root @ localhost src] # yum provides * / rz

lrzsz-0.12.20-27.1.el6.i686: The lrz and lsz modem communications programs

Repo: base

Filename: / usr / bin / rz

General lists the name and version of the package, as well as the installation path; to query the package name, use yum install -y install the package name.

After the installation is complete lrzsz package including uploading rz, sz command download; only need to install this package.

[Root @ localhost src] # yum install -y lrzsz

3, from the Windows file upload, upload command rz; rz enter the Linux command line under the uploaded file in the current directory of the command line;

[Root @ localhost src] # rz

After entering the rz command, a dialog box appears, select the file you want to upload, select Open to upload Linux host. Upload finished you can use ls to view;

4, download files from the Linux host, download command sz, followed by the name of the file to be downloaded; you can choose to save the download folder;

[Root @ localhost src] # sz nginx-1.6.2.tar.gz
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