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  Zorin OS: Linux novice most personal desktop system should be used
  Add Date : 2016-04-14      
  Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, designed specifically for Linux newbies. It has a Windows-like graphical user interface, and many similar applications under Windows. Zorin OS also comes with software allowing users to run many Windows programs. The release of the ultimate goal is to provide as a Windows alternative Linux choice, and let Windows users avoid cumbersome while enjoying all the features of Linux.

This passage is a description of almost all of China's Linux website Zorin OS's.

I am new to Linux to give you big God's guidance in Linux Chinese novice group, the installation of a lot for linux desktop personal use (Ubuntu / Fedora / unicorn, there are some niche linux desktop very used), to be honest was frustrating enough to choke, mainly due to the installation of the network card drivers, video drivers, audio and video decoding software, and the emergence of various problems, resulting in not at ease to learn linux operating system and relevant knowledge. Inadvertently see related presentations Zorin OS introduced compare tempted, then go to the official download Zorin OS 10 Ultimate (64-bit) version (Official Download: http: //zorinos.com/download.html). In the virtual machine was installed after the installation of the system feel really suitable for us novices to use, simple to install, the system various programs after installation is complete, powerful.

And concrete steps are as follows:

Installation Zorin OS 10 Ultimate (64-bit), you need space of about 10G, the proposed zoning around 15-20G, my memory the virtual machine is set to 1G.
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