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  Mobile     - Java concurrent programming combat (using synchronized synchronization method) (Programming)

- Log device files under Linux - logger (Linux)

- Oracle database NUMBER (x, y) data types (Database)

- Common data structures and functions of Linux process scheduling (Programming)

- To build PHP environment (Nginx + MariaDB + PHP7) under CentOS 6.5 (Server)

- Java threads and thread pools (Programming)

- Installation of Python2.7.8 and iPython under CentOS6.5 (Linux)

- Linux Learning --- disk partition / relational representation + mount (Linux)

- CentOS source installation GitLab Chinese Version (Server)

- How to modify the Linux NIC eth1 to eth0 (Linux)

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 -Linux Getting Started Tutorial: How to set up a static MAC address on VMware ESXi virtual machine (Mobile) 2018-11-21

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