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  Linux Getting Started Tutorial: How to set up a static MAC address on VMware ESXi virtual machine
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Question: I want to give a virtual machine on VMware ESXi assign a static MAC address. However, when I started doing so, the virtual machine will not boot, and dished out a such a mistake "00: 0c: 29: 1f: 4a:. Ab is not an allowed static Ethernet address It conflicts with VMware reserved MACs "(00: 0c: 29: 1f: 4a: ab is not a valid Ethernet address it retains a static MAC address conflict with VMWare's.). How do I set up a static MAC address on VMware ESXi virtual machine?

When you create virtual machines on VMware ESXi, each network interface of the virtual machine it is assigned a dynamic NAC address. If you want to change the default behavior of the virtual machine and give you assign a static MAC address to do so

VMWare's vSphere GUI clients already have a virtual machine to assign a static MAC address menu. However, GUI-based method only allows you 00: 50: 56: xx: xx: xx range of choice in a static MAC address, which is VMWare reserved MAC address range. If you try to set any MAC addresses outside this range, you will be unable to start the VM, then you will see the following error.

So if I want to set any of the virtual machine's MAC address how to do?

Fortunately, there is a limit to this interim program. The method is not using vSphere GUI client editing. After logging ESXi host directly editing the .vmx file your virtual machine.

First off the virtual machine you want to assign a static MAC address.

For your ESXi host to enable SSH access, if you have not done so. Then login ESXi host via SSH.

Move your virtual machines .vmx file directory.

# Cd vmfs / volumes / datastore1 / [name-of-vm]

Open the .vmx file with a text editor, and then adding the following lines. Replace the MAC address into your MAC address.

ethernet0.addressType = "static"
ethernet0.checkMACAddress = "false"
ethernet0.address = "00: 0c: 29: 1f: 4b: ac"

Now you should be able to use you define in .vmx file static MAC address of the virtual machine.
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