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  10 Best Swift Tutorial examples
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Swift is a relatively new programming language, the majority of Apple community developers alike. In just less than a year, many, many developers have turned to the use of a programming language Swift. Apple developers to accept Swift, purely because Swfit more advanced, safe, easy, fast, and includes all the features for modern application development needs.

In the development of OS X, IOS, watchOS and TVOS application, Swift is no doubt that in the future. It combines the many advantages of C and Objective-C, but also supports Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. On a global scale has a lot of developers, the use of Swift developed a very cattle breaking IOS apps and games, and share their experiences.

Some Swift tutorial mentioned here, there is provided according to the preparation steps such as, Flappy bird (Flappy Bird) and 2048, and so this type of game clones Tetris (Tetris). The following are those excellent tutorials and resources used by Swift experts have written tutorials for those used to create a wide variety of complex and watchOS IOS OS X applications. Let's preview.

Here a wide variety of tutorials, including Getting Started for beginners, to prepare for the intermediate developer Swift course, of course, there are some teach how to create advanced content Swift special applications. Tutorials section if the reader already know the basics of Swfit, you can jump directly to use Swfit write Flappy Bird and other games, and Facebook album browser and other such applications.

If you are completely new to, then I suggest you start learning from Swift programming language, you can refer to Apple's official programming language Swift tutorial above Swift or tutorialspoint.com Getting Started

1. Create your first iOS game - Swiftiris

If you promote learning by doing in this way, then this tutorial is for you. This tutorial is written by Bloc.io of Stan Idesis. And this is one of the best Swift free tutorials you can find online. This tutorial is organized, clear, by way of press steps to teach how to use the Swift and Sprite kit to create a 2D puzzle game.

Completed this tutorial, you will have a certain degree of understanding Swift, and you can independently create a feature-rich 2D puzzle game, this game is more like a clone with a significant change in more traditional Tetris game .

This tutorial by an online e-books, after the need to register to access.

Sign hands to write your first game with the Swift now, please click here - swiftris-build-your-first-ios-game-with-swift.

2. Create a similar Crashy with Swift Plane- this game Flappy Bird

This is another, by writing one of the most popular mobile games ever Flappy Bird (Flappy Bird) clones, swift tutorial to learn the language. You can study the specific GameplayKit, SKAudioNode, swift keywords guard, and GameplayKit in randomized.

By tutorial explains how to set environment variables, has been to set up how the players. You can learn to use SpriteKit set parallax scrolling (parallax scrolling). You can learn to use SKAudioNode create game profiles, the game is over, and background music. Learn gamePlayKit to generate random numbers and create random collisions.

In summary, this tutorial covers all aspects of coding knowledge, you can make you learn how to use Swift and spriteKit write a fully functional IOS game

Here you can get to the tutorials - Build Crashy plane game with swift.

3. Preparation of cloning 2048 Games with Swift and Sprite Builder

In this tutorial, you will learn to use Swift to write popular mobile phone game 2048 clone. In fact, this is not unfathomable, but when you really want to write a full-featured applications, in-depth learning a programming language necessary.

When the learning process will be able to write games and play games fused together, it is very interesting. Makeschool to write to let you concentrate on that tutorial and famous. You can only learn some basics, then you can make more complex games.

You can click here to go directly to the tutorial in Makeschool - 2048-with-spritebuilder-and-swift.

4. Swift 2 and XCode 7.0 tip calculator application development

Swift 2 In this tutorial, you will develop in XCode 7.0 in a simple GUI-based tip calculator application. This tutorial is written by the Ray Wenderlich, it is a sequel Swift 2 covers the basics Swift 2 Tutorial Part 1.

This is a good one written tutorial for beginners and intermediate level necessary iOS developer. In this tutorial, you will set the project in XCode, create a storyboard, familiar interface builder, and Custom mode, views and view controllers.

Here is the link Swift cool tutorial - swift-2-tutorial-part-2-a-simp le-ios-app.

5. iOS and Swift Tutorial: Multipeer Connectivity

It is written in a clear and Ralf Elbert focused tutorials for iOS developers and high-end programming language Swift needs practical knowledge.

You will learn to connect nearby iOS devices Multipeer connectivity framework. Use Multipeer connectivity, applications on different devices close to each other can use Wifi (same connection), Wifi or Bluetooth peer communication connection.

Use this link for iOS multipeer connectivity tutorials - ios-swift-multipeer-connectivity.

6. Swift Version iBeacons Tutorial - A Beginner's Guide

iBeacons technology extends the iOS location services, you can remind your application in your device into iBeacon range. This is a very interesting spatial experience, here is Nermic Sehic in cityOS.io write a iBeancons for you to use the tutorial.

You can learn something about Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and the use of Swift programming language to write an application to detect all iBeacons (hardware) within the range of the device.

Get this tutorial cityos.io - Swift-tutorial-with-iBeacons-Beginners-guide.

7. Swift location tracking and flow

Tutorial covers help us understand any programming language to develop secret real-life applications. This is pubnub.com provide another good tutorial on data streaming service, it is Norvan Sahiner written.

In this tutorial, you can build a data streaming service using pubNub updated in real time on a map for tracking a user's current location and direction of application. Learning this technique allows you to write navigation, fleet management and transportation applications.

Here is the link on pubnub.com this tutorial - location-tracking-and-streaming-w-swift-programming-language.

8. TVOS - use Swift to build top exhibition

We are not completely forgotten tvOS tutorial? Here is a favorite of Brian tutorials from any Apple equipment manufacturing applications. This tutorial is about making a top for the Apple TV exhibition applications.

Exhibition area at the top level is the main Apple TV screen above the first row. The application user can decide which applications are listed in this area, if an application to get details about the focus of the application is displayed.

This is a Swift can learn and understand how to build an interesting application TVOS applications by extending existing applications.

Swift is used here to build your first application TVOS link - tvos-tutorial-top-shelf.

9. Swift and Parse simple registration and login applications

In this tutorial you will create a Swift project through the use of third-party cloud service called Parse. Here you create a login screen, the registration interface, reset the password and logout applet interface.

I firmly believe that explore different technologies and services that can expand your horizons and your application development capabilities bring a new level. This tutorial is that you learn in the cloud storage to store and retrieve user credentials and iOS apps Parse Parse service connecting a small step.

Get the Swift tutorial appcoda - login-signup-parse-swift.

10. Swift menu bar application - Video Tutorial

Want to build a direct access from the menu bar application, here is your guide to build its Swift video tutorials. Using Xcode 6.1 version of the app supports OS SDK 10 and later. It is prepared for those who love to watch the video to learn a very clear and unambiguous Swift tutorial.

Here is the link Swift video tutorial - creating-menubar-apps-osx.

11. Swift's Facebook and Twitter share button push button

This is a very small tutorial does not mean that the depth of learning a language, but covers the use Swift to encode a very specific level, the social framework. You will create an application and one each for a single view to share content on Facebook and Twitter buttons have.

This tutorial is Valsamis on Codementor write, you can use the links here to the more detailed tutorial - ios-development-facebook-twitter-sharing.

To learn step by step in all aspects covered by Swift, you can refer to the following tutorial for beginners which is absolutely necessary. -

12. The Swift Programming Language - Free books

If you are a novice pure Swift programming language is the best place to start your journey of learning Swift is published in accordance with Apple's official books do. Name of the book is "The Swift Programming Language - Swift 2 Edition". It is available free from iTunes.

This book covers the following topics - • Language • In-depth description of all the features of Swift • Swift API Reference

13. Swift Tutorial - Basics

This is tutorialspoint.com beginners to Swift Swift provides a comprehensive tutorial. The best place to document that it is always synchronized with the update to the latest version of the language, and can serve as a starting point for your Swift learning journey.

TutorialsPoint also provides all its tutorial try function. You can then run the tutorial code fragment in a browser, try these codes in order to further understand the language.

Here is the link of this tutorial - Swift basics.

in conclusion

Swift is a wonderful programming language, to ensure the rapid development of high performance applications. Swift tutorials on the network is not rare, there are both free and paid. Of course, you can spend time and effort to find good tutorials, follow the guidance of the final use of skilled Swift programming language developed amazing applications.

However, time is money. You can start to save time by using the correct Swift tutorial. Tutorial mentioned in this article are written by experts in this field a reliable tutorial.
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