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  Android Studio Getting Started Hello World
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      

Two days before start learning Android development, had wanted to develop with eclipse, but to https://developer.android.com saw that android studio is to promote, explain ide google has put into focus on the android sdudio, so there herein, used to introduce android studio started.

First, new construction

What are the installation Needless to say, a lot of online tutorials, download time remember to bring the android sdk. Open as, click File, New Project.

My project name is Test, then the default next, remember to choose BlankActivity. Finally, the project created.

Second, the use android controls

Open layout file res directory folder, double-click activity_main.xml, drag a button to the button phone, changed its name to change.

Click the Text Button We can see this newly added controls.

< Button
    android: layout_width = "wrap_content"
    android: layout_height = "wrap_content"
    android: text = "change"
    android: id = "@ + id / button"
    android: layout_marginTop = "34dp"
    android: layout_below = "@ + id / textView"
    android: layout_alignParentLeft = "true"
    android: layout_alignParentStart = "true" />
Third, edit Activity

This time to open the java directory, find MainActivity.java, double-click. We add two control declaration, while its assignment. The complete code is as follows:

package com.sinaapp.gavin.test;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.Menu;
import android.view.MenuItem;
import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.TextView;

public class MainActivity extends Activity {

    private TextView textView; // statement
    private Button button; // statement

    protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
        setContentView (R.layout.activity_main);

        textView = (TextView) findViewById (R.id.textView); // Assignment
        button = (Button) findViewById (R.id.button); // Assignment

    public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu (Menu menu) {
        // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present.
        . GetMenuInflater () inflate (R.menu.menu_main, menu);
        return true;
    public boolean onOptionsItemSelected (MenuItem item) {
        // Handle action bar item clicks here. The action bar will
        // Automatically handle clicks on the Home / Up button, so long
        // As you specify a parent activity in AndroidManifest.xml.
        int id = item.getItemId ();

        // Noinspection SimplifiableIfStatement
        if (id == R.id.action_settings) {
            return true;
        return super.onOptionsItemSelected (item);
Next, in the method onCreate set key listener to button.

protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
    setContentView (R.layout.activity_main);

    textView = (TextView) findViewById (R.id.textView);
    button = (Button) findViewById (R.id.button);

    button.setOnClickListener (new View.OnClickListener () {
        public void onClick (View v) {
            textView.setText ( "changed");
Four, debug test

In the test, you can set breakpoints, when the program is run to the specified location, it will automatically enter the breakpoint, the current variable display some content, this relatively easy to use, because I found a program I wrote often NullException. This time, I can not find where I assign values to variables.

In the toolbar run the tool box click edit configuration, the target device is set to USB device. In this case, your Android phone connected to your computer, if you do not drive, please download pea pods, he will be the default download your phone's driver.

Click the run, now waiting on the phone right there.

V. generated apk file

In the build options toolbar, select generate signed apk.

In this case, you need a key, we use the built-in key generator java keytool, open windows comes cmd command box. enter:

keytool -genkey -alias gavin -keypass 654321 -keyalg RSA -keysize 1024 -validity 365 -keystore e: \ key \ gavin.keystore -storepass 123456 -dname CN = abcd

keypass your own password, can not be published, storepass is open password, CN is your name, the default output folder to E drive key files.

Enter a password in the first disclosed the password, enter your password in the second password, click next, next step will be packaged into apk for download.

VI Summary

android studio is a good ide, which is based on the idea specifically for Andrews conducted a secondary development of integrated development environment, where you can quickly find what you want to use some of the features of, in short, easy to use than a lot of eclipse.
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