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  Binary search -Java achieve
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Binary search is for a small to an array of large sorted to find a number val, first comparison to be looking for the number of val and intermediate value, if greater than the median, then in the middle right of the value to find; if the ratio of the median small , then the median left to find. It has been recursion. You know where to find val. If not found, then the output sequence there is no relevant data.

package com.PengRong.A;

public class BinaryFind {

    public static void main (String [] args) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        int [] arr = {1, 5, 9, 56, 78, 80, 85, 99}; // Note that the array needs from small to large sorted.
        // If more data needs to be sorted by the sorting algorithm can use binary search Hair
        BinFind binfin = new BinFind ();
        binfin.binaryFind (0, arr.length-1, 85, arr);

class BinFind
    / **
    * @param Left left array subscript
    * @param Right and an array subscript
    * @param Arr an array reference
    * @param Val to be looking for a few
    * @ Functions: a bunch of numbers to find whether there val number, call the binary search method provided that this is an orderly sequence arr
    * /
    public void binaryFind (int left, int right, int val, int [] arr)
        // Binary search is actually through the array must be such that no more than the right of the left subscript subscript
        if (left < = right)
            // Find the middle number
            int pivot = arr [(left + right) / 2];
            // If you're looking for the number is smaller than the median in the middle of the left to find value
            if (val < pivot)
                binaryFind (left, (left + right) / 2-1, val, arr);
            } Else if (val> pivot)
                // If you are looking for a number greater than the median in the middle right of the value to find
                binaryFind ((left + right) / 2 +1, right, val, arr);
            } Else if (val == pivot)
                System.out.println ( "found in the array sequence" + val + "this number, its index is:" + ((left + right) / 2));
            System.out.println ( "I'm sorry the number you are looking for is not in the array sequence");


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