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  Boost notes --Thread - problems encountered in the initial use on Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  My system is Ubuntu14.04, according to the online tutorial installed Boost.

Today is the first time using Boost library, read the official document in shocked not get to know, in the case to find a simple example, look at the code to understand how a simple thread is used. The results in this example compile time (also in accordance with the author's method) there is a problem, google one, did not find (mostly in English, looking headache, but also just start linux system, some foreigners do not speak too high up to see know how else), then Baidu, found a similar article, see other people's solutions begin to understand, but also to understand when looking at Boost official document several puzzles.

Support Boost thread library official document on several other libraries have dependencies (official description)

This is when I began to compile command: g ++ thread_01.cpp -o thread_01 -lboost_thread

Results There was a problem

Cause this problem because, said earlier in the thread library dependencies several other libraries, so cause problems when you compile and link, we can see that is missing is lboost_system.so.1.60.0 system libraries. So to solve this problem you need to add the library at compile time.

This is correct compile command: g ++ thread_01.cpp -o thread_01 -lboost_thread -lboost_system
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