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  Bug tracking library after FastJson omitted the decimal point 0
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Recently used in the project FastJson library because FastJson Alibaba open source JSON toolkit processing JSON fast, performance is also very good, but powerful and fully support Java Bean, collection, Map, date, Enum, paradigm Wait.

But we use, we found a Bug:

Our interface defines a parameter of type float, but after the decimal point if you pass over the value is 0, then (such as 12.0), then the ".0" will be omitted. And this is unacceptable to us.

The following detailed description of this Bug, for example, the following code:

com.alibaba.fastjson.JSONObject json = new com.alibaba.fastjson.JSONObject ();
json.put ( "phone", "13911112222");

json.put ( "authCode", "285345");

json.put ( "deviceType", "phone");

json.put ( "myvalue", 12.0);

String json1 = json.toString ();

System.out.println ( "JSON ->" + json1);

The above code, the myvalue parameter is 12.0, but the result is the output of this code:

JSON -> { "authCode": "285345", "deviceType": "phone", "myvalue": 12, "phone": "13911112222"}
Visible. "0" is omitted.

 Tracking FastJson library source code, we found JSONObject class inherits from JSON class, and toString () method directly inherited parent class, without making coverage, continue to see toString () method JSON class and found this:


    public String toString () {

        return toJSONString ();


Direct call toJSONString () method. The toJSONString () method is this:

public String toJSONString () {

        SerializeWriter out = new SerializeWriter ();

        try {

            new JSONSerializer (out) .write (this);

            return out.toString ();

        } Finally {

            out.close ();



Continue to pursue, view SerializeWriter class source code, find writeFloatAndChar () method, as follows:

public void writeFloatAndChar (float value, char c) {

        String text = Float.toString (value);

        if (text.endsWith ( ". 0")) {

            text = text.substring (0, text.length () - 2);


        write (text);

        write (c);


To finally locate the reason for the float JSON value, if based on ".0" at the end, we cut off the end of the straight, so there is a scene at the beginning of this article.

Conclusion: Although this was not exactly the Bug, but the ".0" float at the end of this omission, and sometimes can not meet the business needs.
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