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  C language preprocessor command
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  The first step in dealing with C language compiler after the pretreatment, is to deal with the .c file .i file. When the compiler to do some preprocessing expand the replacement process.

1> header file to start soon #include "stdio.h" file similar expanded.

2> macro definition replacement work, the program is about to replace the contents of the macro definition good.

#include "stdio.h"

#define R 10

int main ()


    int a = R;


After preprocessor code changes

//...stdio.h contents of not showing

// Place the macro definition has been replaced in the program

int main ()


    int a = 10;
return 0;


Replace macro to do is replace a whole, and syntax-independent, it does not follow the rules of grammar.

Macro definitions generally used in two ways, one is to define a constant, and the other is to define a macro function.

#define N (n, m) n + m // macro definition

int main ()


        int c;

        c = N (1,2); // sum of 1 and 2
return 0;


In fact, after pre-treatment becomes

int main ()


    int c;

    c = 1 + 2;
return 0;


Another application macro function, because the macro syntax definition does not consider it just as a whole substitution, so you can write without considering the type of function variables, and this is his advantage

For example, the following code:

#define N (n, m) n + m // macro definition

int main ()


    int e = N (10,20) * N (10,20) // After preprocessing is int e = 10 + 20 * 10 + 20;

// The above error is easy to count! !

    return 0;


3> Conditional Compilation: Some statements in the hope that when the conditions are met to compile.

#ifdef identifier

// Block 1


// Block 2


When the identifier has been defined, only 1 block compiled participate

At the same time of its use and define a replacement job is done.

With some knowledge of the C language. . . See the video to learn Linux C language.
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