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  C ++ precision performance test function
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In the actual software development work, we often test the efficiency of a module or function. Or is the time complexity of an algorithm (although the time depends on the complexity of the machine performance to some extent, but on the same computer, through algorithm optimization, you can test its complexity); this time you need to get the exact time, we can accurate running time, the following function to achieve a precise timing, timing accuracy can reach microsecond; can be used to test the efficiency of a module!

// Purpose: this programme is designed for testing the performance of your code, some function ect,
// It can show the time of spending on your running on it. It is beneficial to improve your performance
// Of code

#include < Windows.h>
#include < iostream>
#include < tchar.h>
using namespace std;
#define IN

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define _Trace_Size 500
inline void FileTrace (IN LPCTSTR szFormat, ...)
 if (szFormat == NULL)

 TCHAR t_trace [_Trace_Size] = {_T ( '\ 0')};
 va_list vl = NULL;

 // Generated Content
 va_start (vl, szFormat);
 _vsntprintf_s (t_trace, _Trace_Size, _TRUNCATE, szFormat, vl);
 va_end (vl);
 OutputDebugString (t_trace);
inline void FileTrace (IN LPCTSTR szFormat, ...) {}

LARGE_INTEGER begin_time, freq;

int main ()
 LARGE_INTEGER begin_time, freq;
 QueryPerformanceFrequency (& freq);
 QueryPerformanceCounter (& begin_time);
    // Begin time
    for (long test0 = 0; test0 < 5000000; test0 ++)
  test0 = test0 + 1;
 LARGE_INTEGER end_time0;

  QueryPerformanceCounter (& end_time0);
 // After runnin the 'for' loop statement, the time is Time0
  double Time0 = ((double) (end_time0.QuadPart - begin_time.QuadPart) * 1000.0) / (double) (freq.QuadPart);

    int test1 = 10000;
 while (test1)
  LARGE_INTEGER end_time1;
 QueryPerformanceCounter (& end_time1);
  double Time1 = ((double) (end_time1.QuadPart - begin_time.QuadPart) * 1000.0) / (double) (freq.QuadPart);
    FileTrace (_T ( "********************************************* ************************************ \ n "));
 FileTrace (_T ( "Test result is as follow: \ ntime:% I64x,% .3fms,% .3fms \ n"), (ULONGLONG) 0, Time0, Time1);
 FileTrace (_T ( "********************************************* ************************************ \ n "));
    system ( "pause");
 return 0;
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