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  Calling Qt libraries to implement functional processes of some summary
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  1. For QTabWidget the tab name change. When only one & when explaining Qt Assistant given is: If the tab's label contains an ampersand, the letter following the ampersand is used as a shortcut for the tab, eg if the label is "Bro & wse" then Alt + W becomes a shortcut which will move the focus to this tab. So to achieve the title belt & tab, you can enter in pairs: "&&" means "&", "& &" for "&&."

2. For the Qt window, use setParent (0) when the need to pay attention to:

Linux under QDockWidget pop up, do not want the original window parent window, set setParent (0), was unable to get the focus of the current window pops up after. Because the call setParent (0), the focus will be removed, and will clearly Qt :: Window flag (only QMainWind and QDialog default have this flag), so the solution is through the current dock_widget-> setWindwowFlags (Qt :: FramelessWindowHint), which is a window to set the flag. In the actual doing, dock_widget own QDockWidget derived from a tired, do not use window box, so use this tag bit set.

It is strange that Windows does not need to set up is normal.

3. With regard to the modal window:

When using QDialog, if a call show (), it will become the current window mode, and block all get behind the window, if you want the front window and the rear window synchronous operation can be achieved (in nature should be considered in the following two methods one):

1) qApp-> processEvents ();

2) QTimer :: singleShot (200, view, SLOT (qApp-> processEvents ())); // Method 2) is found on the Internet before

view-> setWindowFlags (Qt :: WindowStaysOnTopHint);

Wherein the view for the current window.

Specific function definition can refer to the Qt user manual, it is recommended to use the first method, since the second is a QTimer time to set the time, this time is an empirical value, not control.
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