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  Circular list of Java programming
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Circular linked list, like the name suggests cycle, so to build a linear table after, after the tail pointer .next = first like, as usual, to build a structure (similar to the C language structure, Java classes inside):

class Person {
    protected Person next;
    protected int data;
    public Person (int data) {
        this.data = data;
    public void display () {
        System.out.println (data);
/ *
* Next is a reference to the class after Person has not allocated on the heap of memory (here I'm not sure, guess the code)
* /

Then we have to write this list Person object class memory space, similar to writing a list of tools:

First, it must be to establish a head pointer to the first node:

protected Person first;

This first class without a reference when using this first object reference, must pay attention to the object of the agreement, under plus a constructor:

public link () {
        this.first = null;

The first node creation Well, when this object reference tools, the head node is defined, so write following a method used to create circular list:

public void fun () {
        Scanner s = new Scanner (System.in);
        System.out.print ( "Please enter the length of the list, enter the pure numbers:");
        int value = Integer.parseInt (s.nextLine ());
        Person p = null;
        first = new Person (n--); // must be a head node of the first to be established, since the beginning of the definition is the first
        p = first;
        while (n -> 0) {
            p.next = new Person (n + 1);
            p = p.next;
        p.next = first;

This class name link, see the constructor, the tools of the list is complete.

The following piece of code to write a reference to it, the code is very simple:

public class Huan {

    public static void main (String [] args) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        link l = new link ();
        l.fun ();
        Person p = l.first;
        while (p! = null) {
            p.display ();
            p = p.next;
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