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  Comparison of C # and Java
  Add Date : 2016-04-24      
  Language arguments have always been, but this article really has no intention to provoke the dispute, so just talk about the facts, talk about feelings, talk about ideals ..

Let us talk about your own experience of it, I think it is for these two languages ​​simultaneously contact, remember when the rise of Java just heard C #, himself holding a "Java programming ideas" Often I read it, looked at NB features Bruce blowing everything is an object, automatic garbage collection, and so could not help but wonder, as opposed to inside the school we were taught advanced C language really ah.

Then gradually involved in various projects, work and other reasons, in the first seven years the main development language is c ++ / c #, in this article I do not want to talk about c ++, because I've had in the past Bowen lot of this aspects of essays. At the time, c # is my primary development language, but for Java each major upgrade I was more concerned, objectively speaking, I think the past 10 years compare as a language point on, c # is indeed better than Java advanced too much, either from the debugger support, IDE, grammar, new features, development efficiency, Java must raise a little lost, and I was wondering why Java in particular is so bad, it is always ranked first language, now that I think was still know too little, too young.

Since c ++ / c # work for the author has not much challenge, but there was just a chance to make the development of Java EE, I made a bold decision, the world is so big, I want to see, I went to Java EE developers do that job. After a short adjustment period, for the development of Java EE would become handy, but for me at that time for Java and c # views has also been changed. c # language does cow, this point is useless question, but today's Java is not a language, and become a platform, Groovy, Javascript, Scala and other dynamic languages ​​and functional languages ​​make Java the language glow of the past no youth, Java 1.6 are turning rhino native support Javascript, Groovy and seamless integration completed by Scala supports functional programming, but these languages ​​are run on the JVM, seamless integration. So from this point of view, Java c # competition and like wolves and a tiger in the fight, the tiger is no way to beat the fierce pack of wolves, in addition, spring this comprehensive framework and Hibernate-Jboss and other community also gave Java unparalleled support, a man then cattle, how to play through the whole world? Of course, I say that the current state, future results is also unknown. Below I listed some simple Groovy collection operation code, so that we understand how these JVM languages ​​for Java made much improvement.

assert [1, [2,3]]. flatten () == [1,2,3]
assert [1,2,3] .intersect ([4,3,1]) == [3,1]
assert [1,2,3] .disjoint ([4,5,6])

list = [1,2,3]
popped = list.pop ()
assert popped == 3
assert list == [1,2]
assert [1,2] .reverse () == [2,1]
assert [3,1,2] .sort () == [1,2,3]

def list = [[1,0], [0,1,2]]
list = list.sort {a, b -> a [0] <=> b [0]}
assert list == [[0,1,2], [1,0]]

list = list.sort {item -> item.size ()}
assert list == [[1,0], [0,1,2]]
list = [ 'a', 'b', 'c']
list.remove (2)

assert list == [ 'a', 'b']
list.remove ( 'b')

assert list == [ 'a']
list = [ 'a', 'b', 'b', 'c']

list.removeAll ([ 'b', 'c'])
assert list == [ 'a']

def doubled = [1,2,3] .collect {item ->
  item * 2
assert doubled == [2,4,6]
def odd = [1,2,3] .findAll {item ->
  item% 2 == 1
assert odd == [1,3]

to sum up

This article briefly describes the author for Java and C # personal understanding, hope and encourage one another, talk about debate, talk about ideals, about feelings ..
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