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  Compile and install Memcached can not find GCC
  Add Date : 2016-09-23      
  Today, with the help of a colleague when installed memcached error, suggesting no gcc, desperation I ran yum install gcc * (generally perform yum -y install gcc gcc-c ++ g ++ can put c and c ++ compiler installed, all one thousand million will not learn from me, then will be installed to run this many irrelevant package, not only time-consuming but also occupy space), the results of the problem remains.

Recall, Recall continues, finally remembered. . . I executed before the export CXX = / usr / bin / gcc44, in fact, the system does not exist "/ usr / bin / gcc44" this document, the corresponding c ++ compiler should be "/ usr / bin / g ++", perform " export CXX = / usr / bin / g ++ "redeclared variables, compile. Of course, you can also specify the compiler front ./configure, such as

CXX = / usr / bin / gcc ./configure --prefix = / path / to / yours


Linux under c compiler is gcc, the corresponding environment variable to "CC"; c ++ compiler for the g ++, the corresponding environment variable "CXX".

(For C and C ++, set the CC and CXX environment variables.)
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