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  Configuring Allatori code confusion when developing general Java applications in NetBeans
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  To take advantage of the general development of Java applications in NetBeans Allatori code confusion, set a little simpler than IntelliJ IDEA, first create a subdirectory named allatori in the NetBeans Project hard disk directory, Allatori own jar files are copied to this subdirectory. Then create a file called config-allatori.xml in the project directory, that Allatori own confusion configuration file whose contents can refer to the following, can also be used as a template:

< ? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
< Config>
    < Jars>
        < Jar in = "dist /? Test.jar" out = "dist / test-obfuscated.jar" />
    < / Jars>

    < Classpath>
        < Jar name = "lib / third-lib.jar" />
    < / Classpath>

    < Keep-names>
        < Class template = "class MainJFrame">
            < Method template = "public main (**)" />
        < / Class>
    < / Keep-names>

    < Property name = "log-file" value = "log.xml" />
< / Config>

Note here that, test.jar line 4 is the ultimate compilation of your project generated jar, where I assume you project called test, so the resulting jar certainly test.jar, and we specify obfuscated jar named test -obfuscated.jar. Therefore, to be determined according to your actual situation.

Then modify the project's build.xml file, this file is also within the project directory, in the build.xml "" on line add the following:

1 < target name = "- post-jar">
2 < taskdef name = "allatori" classname = "com.allatori.ant.ObfuscatorTask" classpath = "allatori / allatori.jar" />
3 < allatori config = "$ {basedir} /config-allatori.xml" />
4 < / target>

Note that the first 3 lines must be $ {basedir}, if not always reported find config-allatori.xml file errors.

Now, you can compile the project in NetBeans build and dist directory under the project jar file, you can see with the word "-obfuscated", that is obfuscated version.
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