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  Eclipse improve the efficiency of good habits
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Here's something to use every day column table (in alphabetical order), is certainly incomplete or not detailed, please add a master, entry please disciples experience

Eclipse improve the efficiency of good practice:

1, the switching point editing Alt + < -, Alt + - >

2, View Open File Ctr + e

3, make full use of the template was largely self-defined

4, custom shortcuts to generate Getter and Setter

I: Ctr Shift S, S + to generate a single attribute - You can: Ctr + 1 there is a recommendation

5, try not to remove the Backspace or Delete key, row-level Ctr + d, line individual parts Ctr + x

6, saw the name of the method or variable name is bad, replace Ctr + 2, r

7, select Find next: Ctr + k, anti-check: Ctr + Shift + k

8, run Ctr + F11

9, case conversion: Ctr + Shift + X Ctr + Shift + Y

10, the largest general window switch: Ctr + M

11, sometimes, Alt + Shift + X, Q run was quite cool, especially when the individual running build

12, multi-window editor, you may not meet, but then cooked, you will find quite efficient:

Window- > New Window

13, the class that implements the interface notes: @Override, use Ctr + 1 is just fine so

14, forget the name of the class, remember about?

Ctr + Shift + T * Remember to use? Oh

15, the debugger would not have said F5 F6 F8 F7

16, the console row labels can shut off a few a few, do not waste resources, I used three Problems Tasks Consle

17, take advantage of TODO and Tasks view, it is likely that you want to achieve or improve things after you have forgotten

18, switching the positioning class method Ctrl + Shift + Down / Up

19, a copy of the selected row Ctrl + Alt + Down / Up

20, corresponding to the first 18 or better with this activity outline: ctr + o

21, ctrl + shift + r file search (not one of the bag opening, go)

22, alt + shift + Q P when the maximum editing window, you can quickly open the Package Explorer

23, alt + shift + Q C maximum window when editing, you can quickly open the Console

24, ctrl + b be build (generally canceled automatically build), ctrl + l positioning line numbers

25, ctrl + shift + f Code Formatter

26, the inheritance structure ctrl + t (ctrl + t + t) to view the class or method

27, ctrl + shift + u See where the variable is referenced in the

28, ctrl + shift + g (alt + shift + h) where the view method is invoked

29, alt + shift + c Reconstruction of the class or method signatures (very effective when remodeling Interface)

30, the Reconstitution of shortcuts, I will not say, take advantage of the reconstruction functions for the adjustment of the structure of the code is really a word: cool!

So it is an excellent way to improve efficiency, where much appreciated because I still deal with the reconstruction of the primary level, you can always try to improve this:

often according to press: Alt + Shift + T (= right - > Refactor- > Series selection)

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