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  GDB remote connections RX Probe online debug program
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Company toolchain is based on GNU gcc toolchain, and the development of rx probe can be connected to the soc via jtag interface.

toolchain inside rsdk-elf-gdb can connect to a remote TCP rx probe, to debug the program into the soc, and online debug, very convenient.

Connection structure:

[Liunx server] network cable ---- ---- [Windows native] ----- rx probe ---- [soc Development Board]

Related to the process:

Open rsdk-elf-gdb program on the server.

Get executable file by the gdb command file.

Connected to the unit (which is connected to the soc by rx probe tool machines) port: by gdb's targer remote ip.

Gdb through the load instruction, download the program to the soc.

Start debugging by stepi / c / break and other instructions.
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