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  GEC2440 easiest a kernel compile Linux2.6.30.4
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  GEC2440 easiest kernel compilation:

vim open Makefile, amended as follows:
ARCH = arm
CROSS_COMPILE = / home / litingting / arm-linux / opt / FriendlyARM / toolschain / 4.4.3 / bin

make s3c2410_defconfig
Since 2410 and 2440 in many places is the same, you can use 2410 configuration file to configure the kernel-based. In the home directory kernel code execution:
make s3c2410_defconfig similar to cp s3c2410_defconfig .config
This command is actually the arch / arm / configs / s3c2410_defconfig copied file named .config, so you can own cp, this generated a .config file

make menuconfig
In the implementation of make menuconfig, will automatically call configuration scripts / Kconfig / mconf arch / arm / Kconfig start system, then the arch / arm / Kconfig is the starting point configuration. This file will be called Kconfig files in another directory by source instructions to complete the overall configuration. Thus, arch / arm / Kconfig can be understood as the main function, source instruction is somewhat similar to include. You can follow the above syntax to analyze Kconfig file.
First, the system reads Kconfig file arch / arm / directory to generate the entire configuration interface options (Kconfig linux is the core configuration mechanism)

ZImage kernel image will be produced in arch / arm / boot / directory after compilation.
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