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  Generators and iterators in Python
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Personally feel that iterator and yield to achieve the same function, but iterator need to achieve in the class, yield real function to achieve, both will save the state

The generator is also implemented by iterators

#! / Usr / bin / env python
#coding: utf-8
# Define three functions
Def Lee (name, age):
    Return 'I am% s, I am% d old'% (name, age)
Def Marlon ():
    Return 'I am Marlon'
Def Allen ():
    Return 'I am Allen'
Function_list = [Lee, Marlon, Allen] # There are three functions in the list

# Define a generator
Def MyGenerator (* args):
    For i in args:
        Yield i
A = MyGenerator (* function_list) # generator
Execute the next () method, which saves the current execution state, which will be used the next time the next () method is called. Print (a.next, ( 'Lee', 29)
Print apply (a.next ())
Print apply (a.next ())

# Why yield a next method? Look at the following iterator column, will understand why the generator is implemented by the iterator
# The following is an example of an iterator. A class that implements the __iter__ method and the next () method is called an iterator
Class MyIterator (object):
    Def __init __ (self, funcs):
        Self.total_funcs = len (funcs) # Records how many functions to execute in total
        Self.func_list = funcs # Log all functions
        Self.step = 0 # record the current execution to which a function
    Def __iter __ (self):
    Def next (self):
        If self.step < self.total_funcs: # When the currently executed function is located less than the total number of functions
            Self.step + = 1 # start
            Return self.func_list [self.step-1] # Execute the current function
            Raise StopIteration

C = MyIterator (function_list)
Print apply (c.next (), ( 'Lee', 29))
Print apply (c.next ())
Print apply (c.next ())
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