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  Getting the Linux shell variable test
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Format: test test conditions

String Test:

Note the space:
test str1 == str2 test strings are equal
test str1! = str2 test string are not equal
Are test str1 test string is not empty
If test -n str1 test string is not empty
test -z str1 test string is empty

Integer test
test int1 -eq int2 integer equality test
test int1 -ge int2 int1 test whether> = int2
test int1 -gt int2 int1 test whether> int2
test int1 -le int2 int1 test whether < = int2
test int1 -lt int2 int1 test whether < int2
test test int1 -ne int2 two numbers are not equal

File test
test -d file specifies the file is a directory
test -f file a given file is a regular file
If test -x file specified executable file
test -r file if the specified file readable
Are test -w file specified file writable
test -a file specified file exists
test -s file specify the file size is non-zero
Test statements generally not used alone, as a general statement if the test conditions, such as:

if test "hello" == "hello"; then
commands ....

The above statement can also be simplified to (note that [] and spaces "between)
if [ "hello" == "hello"]; then
Look at a piece of code:

#! / Bin / bash
if test "hello" == "hello"; then
echo "equals"
echo "not equals"
if test -z ""; then
echo "str is null"
if test -n ""; then
echo "str is not null"
if test "9"; then
echo "not null"
echo "null"
#easy way
if [ "hello" == "hello"]; then
echo "equals"
echo "not equals"
if [-f / root / test / test1]; then
echo "test1 is a file"
elif [-d / root / test / test1]; then
echo "test1 is a dir"
echo "i do not know the result"
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