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  Hibernate Performance Optimization of reusing SessionFactory
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Hibernate Optimization There are many ways, such as caching, lazy loading and reasonable with SQL mapping, by optimizing the use of SessionFactory it is the most basic.

SessionFactory instance responsible for creating Session, Session equivalent in the JDBC Connection.

SessionFactory creation

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

SessionFactory is built from the Configuration, Configuration based on configuration information to build a SessionFactory.

SessionFactory saved in the database corresponding to the current configuration of all the mappings, also responsible for maintaining cache and Statement pool, so SessionFactory creation process is very time consuming.

Hibernate SessionFactory in the proposed design code reuse strategy, and SessionFactory is thread-safe by default, allows multiple threads to concurrent calls.

General system simply create a SessionFactory instance, each time to avoid re-created, it could be better shared L2 cache.

SessionFactory reuse

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

NetBeans provides a default HibernateUtil.java reuse SessionFactory.

In my own project implements a reusable class that can be used as reference:

public class HibernateSessionFactory {

    private final Configuration configuration;
    private final ServiceRegistry serviceRegistry;
    private final SessionFactory sessionFactory;

    private HibernateSessionFactory () {
        configuration = new Configuration () configure ().;
        serviceRegistry = new ServiceRegistryBuilder () applySettings (configuration.getProperties ()) build ()..;
        sessionFactory = configuration.buildSessionFactory (serviceRegistry);

    public Session getSession () {
        return sessionFactory.openSession ();

    private static class SingletonHolder {

        private final static HibernateSessionFactory INSTANCE = new HibernateSessionFactory ();

    public static HibernateSessionFactory getInstance () {
        return SingletonHolder.INSTANCE;



To consider this place a multithreaded environment design, the use of inner classes to support multiple threads.

Performance Testing

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

For the first reuse and reuse after ab command with a simple performance testing, performance doubled, the effect is very obvious.
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